About Us

With the name of Allah who is most beneficent and merciful. It’s pleasure to present this Project Presentation. I hope in case of any commerce the relation between us will be hold together.

Presenting the following proposal:


  • Company Profile
  • Our Aims & Objectives
  • Our Services
  • Product Definition
  • Our Clients
  • Introduction

    The "Al Awal Limited"is the sister concern of Information Technology. We have many representatives in various location of world which includes Germany,France,Australia,Great Britain and Pakistan. The "Al Awal Limited"is fast growing organization rely on services with better quality products.

    Company History

    Information technology plays a vital role in human life. It already, has established its role in the technological advanced countries and is set to enter in our daily life, changing our businesses, communication style, social contacts and even our culture.

    The people with an IT vision for solution and software development found “The Al Awal Limited” in 2003 with objective to provide the quality service in the fields for its valued customer.

    Over the years, "The Al Awal Limited" has serviced clients in Angola, UAE, and other parts of the world, fulfilling their Information Technology needs that spread across a varied plane, primarily the Banking and Finance sector. Working with

    such a diverse customer base, "The Al Awal Limited" has gained invaluable experience that has helped it in mastering emerging technologies and executing complex Information Technology projects successfully."The Al Awal Limited"is a fast growing organization rely on services with better quality.

    Starting with a humble beginning now with a global reach, "The Al Awal Limited" offers a distinguished blend of business strategy, software development & exceptional creative expertise when developing feature-rich applications and/or website solutions for our valued clients. We have adopted a demonstrated technique that has enabled us to successfully deliver a number of financial & business applications/websites for a variety of organizations.

    Strategy & Vision

    a.Vision statement

    Our vision is to create and deliver value to everyone. We realize that our clients, our stakeholders and our employees are our most important assets. We continuously work towards mastering

    emerging technologies and achieving higher levels of quality in our products and services with one goal in sight: To deliver best possible value to our clients through our solutions.

    b.Mission statement

    Our mission is to gain and to maintain leadership in technology consultancy services, with an emphasis on quality, cost-control and customer satisfaction as a world-class organization. Additionally, long-term business relations and successful partnerships are vital elements of our policy. With unprecedented skills and knowledge in the area of Information technology related solutions, "The Al Awal Limited" is determined to meet a broad spectrum of demands for its valuable clients.


    Respect– "The Al Awal Limited" culture is built on respect and human values we shall value our people and their commitment to the cause.

    Integrity – We show respect for our clients and partners by being open, truthful and honest in all of our business dealings.

    Teamwork – we are committed to effective partnerships between volunteers and staff, and we seek opportunities to form alliances with others.

    Our Aim & Objectives

    We "The Al Awal Limited", in all over

    the world being on the middle

    edge of technology development, have yet

    to understand the information technology

    related problems and prepare ourselves to

    face the impact of computers. Technology

    has divided the world in two segments, one

    equipped with digital knowledge and other

    lacking it. We at Easy Consultancyare

    committed to bridge this digital balancegap and our aim is to provide customized solutions for Software, Hardware & Networking problems.

    The people equipped with an IT visionfor solution and software development found“The Al Awal Limited” in2005 with the main objective to provide the quality services in the IT fields for itsvalued customers. We have a team of wellqualified staff members selected from theabove average candidates in the related fields of computer hardware,software, marketing and accounting to keepdemands of market and to full fill our pledge to pass on the best to ouresteemedcustomers.

    Our Services

    Starting with a humble beginning, by the graces of Allah we are now a full information technology organization, which keeps on developing with good numeral of clientele. At “The Al Awal Limited” we have a team of proficient experts who are certified from the international software companies i.e. Microsoft,Cisco,Dell,Hp and others to provide technical consultancy. These results stem from the fact that we always extend services to our clients the highest importance and keeping it in the foremost we always develop our relationship ofmutual confidence.

    Your satisfaction will be our reward.

    We provide quality services in the following IT areas in accordance to client’s needs:

    Software Development

    Security Solution -- >Machine Solutions,Cameras, Monitoring & Investigations.

    E Commerce Solution

    Hardware Consultancy

    Network Consultancy

    Production and QC Consultancy

    Development and Setup of MIS

    By virtue to provide such diversified range of services and having continuous access to a trained team of professional with wealth of experience. We would ask you to give us an opportunity to discuss your requirements and provide you with our services.

    We are confident that with our approach to your needs, our solution and our services, we will be able to make you join our growing list of satisfied customers. We believe that no client is big or small as we, serve all our clients alike.In today’s aggressive environments it is the necessity of each company to stay ahead of its competition, but without property implemented information system no company can achieve the desire result. “The Al Awal Limited” has developed cost effective ways to accomplish the tasks through proper planning and implementation of the information systems for the independent and secured customized solutions for our client’s uses.

    Product Definition

    We are solely providers of Web Development , Software’s&Hardware’srelated to Security Issues ,Wireless or Wired Antennas , Internet Services ,Fiber Optic , Local Area Network , Wide Area Network , Category UTP / STP Networks Solutions, Point of Sale Products which include Cameras , Digitizers , Cash Drawers , Thermal Slip Printers Dot Matrix Slip Printers , Cash Display Scanners , TV Cards , Touch Screens , Security Swap Cards for Members or Employees , Thumb Scanners , Finger Scanners , Paw Scanner , Internal to External Machine Display Cards.

    We are specialized to attach these hardware with our or any software product regarding to the requirements and develop specialized software for the said company.

    Software’s / Network Solutions (Fiber Works) & Hardware Maintenance

    -The Entire Bank Solution

    -SMS Solution for Every Business

    -Educational Board / University / College / School Level Entire System.

    -Biometric / Smart Cards / RFIDS / GPS Solution

    -Integrated H.R Solution

    -Point of Sale Software for Retail Mobile Shop USA.

    -Point of Sale Software for Whole Sale Mobile Shop USA.

    -Point of Sale Software for Grocery Shop (Whole Seller Distributors)

    -Customer Cargo Services Software.

    -Currency Exchange Software

    -Trading Forex Currency Customer Related Software.

    -Distribution Software with Double Quantity Setup (Corton / Pieces).

    -Vehicle Management Software.

    -Ware House Inventory Management Software.

    -Salary Management Software.

    -Accounts Management Software.

    -Distribution Software (In English & Urdu) Like Coca Cola

    -Salary Management Software (In English & Urdu)

    -Inventory Control Software (In English & Urdu)

    -Accounts Management Software (In English & Urdu)

    -Hospital Management System

    -Medical Store Inventory Control Software

    -Medical Store Sales Control Software

    -Medical Store Accounts Management Software

    -Day End Stock & Cash Summary System

    -Reception Software of Hospital

    -Patient Data Entry Software at Reception

    -Doctor Data Entry Software at Reception

    -Laboratory Test Software (From Reception to Laboratory)

    -Doctor Prescription Software with Patient History and Other Diagnoses (InEnglish & Urdu)

    -Ultra Sound Machine Software for Hospital / Clinic

    -Employees Management Software Hospital / Clinic.

    -Accounts Management Software for Hospital.

    -Construction Software

    -Client Setup Software

    -Supplier Setup Software

    -Contractor Setup Software

    -Construction Products Setup Software

    -Salary System for Construction Setup

    -Accounts Management Software for Construction

    -Detail Summary Regarding to Project Situation Setup of Construction.

    -Cement Distribution Software

    -Dandot Cement Distribution Software

    -Best way Cement Distribution Software

    -Askari Cement Distribution Software

    -Fuji Cement Distribution Software

    -D/G Cement Distribution Software

    -Kohat White Cement Distribution Software

    -Pak Cement Distribution Software

    -Accounts Management Software

    -Salary Management Software

    -Transport Management Software

    -Cement Retail Software

    Products - Customized products for MISYS Equation

    Bank Statement with E-Statement facility.

    Half Yearly / Bulk Statement

    Statement on Demand

    Remote Banking Transaction Server (RBTS)

    Corporate Salary Disbursement

    Anti-Money Laundry System

    Bulk Posting Utility Bill payments

    Centralize Account Opening Portal

    Home Remittance

    SMS Alert Utility

    Interactive Cheque History

    Car Finance Utility

    Home Finance Utility

    Education Finance Utility

    Card Management system

    ATM Controller & Monitoring.

    Call Centre Utility

    Switch Settlement and reconciliation.

    External channel certification over (ISO8583).

    Web services for external channels.

    Mobile and online Banking.

    Prepaid and salary cards.

    Visa/Master/CUP issuing/Acquiring certifications.

    Bill Payments and E-Top-ups. On extern al channels

    Inter/Intra bank fund Transfer.

    HSM Support

    Home Remittances.

    MIS Reporting.

    Support &Services

    Middleware support.

    Business/Branch Support

    Production Support

    EOD/SOD Support

    Call Centre and IVR Services.

    Configuration Management

    Cashier Automation (EBA)

    MIS/Operation/Statutory Reporting

    iSeries Administration (AS/400)


    Cash Portal Support

    Trade Innovation

    Technical Expertise

    Operating Systems






    oiSeries AS/400


    oDell & HP

    Programming Languages & Utilities:

    oRPG 400

    oILE RPG





    oSQL and Query Management.

    oJava and Java scripts.

    oWeb Services and RPCs

    o.Net framework (C#, ASP.net, VB.net)

    oCrystal Reports

    oMumps and Profile Scripting language

    oATM State/Screen programming.

    Web Servers


    oWeb Sphere


    Data Bases


    oSQL Server